We had a new admission over the weekend, Pat (seen here with food still on her face!) Pat is a healthy 660g but sadly has lung worm so is snuffly and wheezy. She is already on lung  worm medication and is really enjoying her food and a warm, cosy bed – another lady who can be released in the spring fit and healthy.Pat

We now have quite a few of our hedgehogs hibernating (only the bigger ones) but it is a very strange winter for them, they did not hibernate until very late in the winter and the majority are only hibernating on and off for short periods. Spring is just around the corner, so depending on the weather, our hoggies will not have too long to wait until they can go free and lead natural lives.

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Better Legal Protection for Hedgehogs

The petition of the residents of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland declares that the British hedgehog population has declined by up to a third…
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Hedgehog Friendly Gravelboards

Jacksons Fencing have launched a new hedgehog friendly gravelboard, here is the link to their site for more information:



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First Casualty of 2016

We were called out to rescue a hedgehog tangled in electric chicken fencing and found poor Sparky unable to get free of the fencing – Sparky is a beautiful adult with no other apparent problems. Sadly no one knows how long he had been there and although the people turned off the power as soon as they saw him, we just don’t know how many ‘jolts’ of electricity Sparky has suffered. He is naturally very traumatised and his muscles are very weak due to the electric shocks but he has survived the worst and we are hopeful he can be released in the Spring.


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Just in time for Christmas

Emily has arrived just in time for her Christmas Dinner at Spikes. She is a big girl who unfortunately fell in an oil pit, a great local lady rescued her, cleaned her and fed her and Emily has now joined us here. Thank you to the lady who rescued this girl. Emily already loves her food and is settling in nicely.



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This is our latest arrival Scarlet, she had been seen for a while wandering in daylight in a local couple’s garden. They came to see us at the Christmas Fair on Sunday and were asked to catch her and here she is. Poor Scarlet is very small and would not survive the winter but in addition, she has a few parasitic problems which for such a small hedgehog is making her quite poorly. Treatments have already commenced and we are hoping for a full recovery for this dear little girl.

Scarlet 1.12

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Date for your diaries

Sunday 29th November 1 p.m. till 4 p.m.
Boughton-under-Blean Village Hall, near Faversham Christmas Fair.

Spikes will be having a stall to spread the hedgehog love and offer advice.
We will also be selling our beautiful hand made Christmas cards and various Christmas gifts to raise funds to get us through the winter months, which can be very expensive due to the autumn orphans.

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