Yesterday Spikes were at the Toachim House Veterinary Surgery Open Day (these are our excellent vets based in Faversham). Thank you so much to our vets for inviting us to be there and to our most generous ladies who make the bulk of the items we sell and donate them to us (without you we could not do this). One of our ladies is pictured here, Alice from Canterbury, who also gave generously of her time to help run the stall – thank you Alice. Spikes raised an amazing £101.03 for our hedgehogs. Thank you all so much.

Vets open day

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New Admission

Our latest arrival is Anthony found wandering about during the day, a little boy luckily found him and his mother contacted us. The little boy has named him Anthony. What a lucky little hedgehog, Anthony has a neck wound, some broken spines and was cold, wobbly & starving. We suspect something has been caught around his neck for a while (pea/bean netting, postmens elastic band etc.) but has now become free of whatever it was. The wound is infected and his neck is bald and swollen. He is enjoying his puppy mousse which is easy for him to swallow.


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Elastic Bands!

Elastic Band

Elastic Band 2

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Hedgehog House Camera

We have been sent these wonderful pictures by Thomasina of Herne Bay. She has installed a camera in her new hedgehog house and you can see a hedgehog fast asleep. The second photo shows her new feeding station with a hedgehog tucking in to an early supper one evening. These are such great images and Thomasina will be sending more to keep us up to date with the hedgehog activities.


Thomasina house cameraThomasina feeding station

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2 more admissions today

We have 2 new admissions again today, first Russell who was found wedged between the edge of a patio and a garden fence unable to get out. Russell was rescued and has now joined us at Spike’s to recuperate. Thank you so much to the lovely lady who made this possible. Russell is shown in the photograph ‘wedged’ before his rescue.

Secondly, Iris was collected from a local vets, having been found out during the day and taken there by a member of the public. She was very dehydrated and starving, she also has a few parasites but she is already eating well and settling in. Iris is shown here laying out of her bed asleep.


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What a great day! Not only did Spike’s raise £451.09 for our hedgehogs but a lot of people were made aware of the plight of this beautiful creature. Thank you to everyone who came and supported our stall by buying goods & raffle tickets and making donations. Wow, what a great day!!

We cannot say thank you enough to the great ladies who most generously donated hand made hedgehog items (all of exceptional quality) for us to sell, without you we could not have achieved this – thank you all so much! A big thank you to Angela, who gives tirelessly at every opportunity of her time and money for the hedgehogs, you are an inspiration.vegan fair stall May 2016.jpg

Our raffle (which was independently drawn by a member of Animal Aid) was won by a lovely lady called Sarah who collected her hedgehog cushion shortly after the draw on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets.

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Releases, donations & updates

Our releases back to the wild of our over wintered hedgehogs is nearly complete, with 34 going free fit and healthy. The photo is ofrelease one of our girls preparing for her release.
Our very grateful thanks to all those who have most kindly donated to Spikes when they have come to take their hedgehogs back to their gardens, it is so kind of people and helps us to continue our work.
Updates – our 3 recent patients, all with ringworm, are well on the way to recovery and as soon as new spines grow will all go back to the wild.
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New admissions

Our first 2 admissions of 2016. Both hedgehogs were found in the same garden and both have ringworm, you can see in the photos the result of ringworm, it makes their spines fall out and the crusty ‘cauliflower’ ears. The spines will soon grow back and the ears will return to normal after treatment. Obviously, we have started the necessary treatment and both seem quite unconcerned by all the attention!

ringworm 1ringworm 2

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This is what makes it all worthwhile ..

June 1

These are some of the litter of 5 babies who came to Spikes and were hand reared last year after their mother died. This is what really brings a smile to our faces as they are now in their release pens prior to going free very soon. The wonderful lady, June who originally found the mother in distress last year has looked after the 5 all winter, feeding them and cleaning them out (no mean feat I can assure you!), and today they were relocated to their release pens. Here they are investigating the grass for the very time in their lives before going back to bed until the night.June 2

June has made a wonderful job of caring for these hedgehogs as they are very fit and healthy and can’t wait to ‘get out there’ and be proper hedgehogs.

Thank you so much for everything June.

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hope & faithFinally, we can think about releasing
our hedgehogs.  All came in either sick, injured or too small to hibernate and although some are still hibernating (!) others are getting ‘twitchy’ to go back to the wild. We will start contacting the finders over the next week (for those that are ready) and then as others awake from their hibernation and build their strength up, they too will go free. Happy days!

The first picture shows Hope & Faith snuggled up in their hiberation nest, snoring away while the second picture is of Hope, bleary eyed checking out her breakfast bowl – she has just woken and is feeding madly.


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