This is Lucky, named by the kind man who rescued him from amongst the traffic in a busy high street! Lucky was taken home and put in a box on the man’s kitchen worktop, Lucky then got out of the box, dropped onto the worktop and fell onto the floor next the man’s large dog!! Thank goodness the dog was asleep. No wonder he called him Lucky! Lucky is only a baby and is now safely tucked up in warm, fleecy blankets and will stay at Spikes until he his old enough to return to the wild (not a busy high street!).


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A grateful thank you to a lovely gentleman called Daniel who has generously bought several items from our Amazon Wish List for all our hedgehogs. Daniel sent food, medication and a whole pack of blue cleaning towels (like gold dust here!) and vinyl gloves (another essential!). Thank you so much Daniel, it means a lot to us.Daniel goodies

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‘Wildlife Friendly’ Slug Pellets!

These slug pellets can kill hedgehogs. The hedgehogs do not appear to be attracted to the actual pellets but are attracted to slugs and snails who may themselves have eaten a pellet, so the hedgehog now has the poison in their system via the slug/snail. Please be aware of the wildlife in your gardens and do not use any slug pellets.

We would also remind people to act as quickly as possible if they find a sick or injured hedgehog. Please do not wait a few days to ‘see if it gets better’ – without help they will not!

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Yesterday Spikes were at the Toachim House Veterinary Surgery Open Day (these are our excellent vets based in Faversham). Thank you so much to our vets for inviting us to be there and to our most generous ladies who make the bulk of the items we sell and donate them to us (without you we could not do this). One of our ladies is pictured here, Alice from Canterbury, who also gave generously of her time to help run the stall – thank you Alice. Spikes raised an amazing £101.03 for our hedgehogs. Thank you all so much.

Vets open day

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New Admission

Our latest arrival is Anthony found wandering about during the day, a little boy luckily found him and his mother contacted us. The little boy has named him Anthony. What a lucky little hedgehog, Anthony has a neck wound, some broken spines and was cold, wobbly & starving. We suspect something has been caught around his neck for a while (pea/bean netting, postmens elastic band etc.) but has now become free of whatever it was. The wound is infected and his neck is bald and swollen. He is enjoying his puppy mousse which is easy for him to swallow.


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Elastic Bands!

Elastic Band

Elastic Band 2

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Hedgehog House Camera

We have been sent these wonderful pictures by Thomasina of Herne Bay. She has installed a camera in her new hedgehog house and you can see a hedgehog fast asleep. The second photo shows her new feeding station with a hedgehog tucking in to an early supper one evening. These are such great images and Thomasina will be sending more to keep us up to date with the hedgehog activities.


Thomasina house cameraThomasina feeding station

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