We are amazed! Spike’s has been awarded £330 by WAITROSE Community Matters. We are deeply grateful and a sum such as this makes a really big difference to us as we do not receive any funding but run on donations. Thank you so much WAITROSE.

Kent Vegan Festival 6th May 2017 – sadly, we will be unable to be present at this great Festival this year, our apologies as we had hoped to be there.

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Twinks was brought in today having been found by a dog in a garden in Whitstable, Twinks has a few bruises after a little ‘set to’ with the dog but otherwise, she appears unscathed.




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More donations of food and money have been arriving for our hedgehogs. We really don’t know what to say, people are being so kind to us and we are truly grateful. Thank you so much everyone. These donations are making such a difference to us and the hedgehogs are enjoying tucking into all the different varieties of food they’ve been given. Our grateful thanks go to you all.

Many donations have been anonymous but we are able to thank Sonia & family, Brian, Hazel, Mr F A M****, Jenny, Chris & Anne, Jen & friend and Alice.



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6 more little ones have joined us in the last couple of days bringing our number up to 70! You can see in the 2nd photo how small they are compared to a small tray of cat food. They have no chance of surviving the winter. The 1st photo shows Betty, another of the 6 new guests, coming out for supper on her first night.

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A very grateful ‘thank you’ to L Macdonald (sorry to be so formal but this is all the information that was on the Delivery Note) for a much needed donation of a selection of items from our Amazon Wish List. It is greatly appreciated especially as we already have the ‘autumn orphans’ coming in. Thank you so much.


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This is Josie, such a small little girl with an ear infection. Josie was found by a great couple in Whitstable wandering about during the day in their garden. She was absolutely starving and literally threw herself into her food bowl when we put her into her heated cage and she continues to eat and eat! Her ear infection is already responding well to treatment.


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Meet Nicola and Harry. Nicola (1st photo) was taken into our own vets – Toachim House Veterinary Surgery in Faversham, who are just brilliant with all our hedgehogs; we named Nicola after the wonderful nurse who treated her and although hedgehog Nicola had eye and leg injuries she is now almost recovered (the leg injury was found to be an old injury which has resulted in a fused leg, but this does not stop her ‘nipping’ about any!)

In the 2nd photo is Harry, found out during the day wandering about by a great lady in Whistable. Poor little Harry only just has his milk teeth and weighs 200g (far too small to survive on his own), Harry has now been hand fed and he was so tired he fell asleep before we could finish his feed. He is now tucked up fast asleep in his blankets.Nichola

harry 5.9

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