What should I do if I find an injured hedgehog?

Finding a hedgehog in broad daylight almost certainly means something is wrong. But if you are in any doubt about whether a hedgehog is injured or not, use some thick gloves or a towel to pick them up and inspect them. If they have any obvious injuries or are clearly in distress, call us right away on 07504 774537.

Put the hedgehog in a high-sided box lined with a towel. If the hedgehog is small (under 600g or 1.5lb especially in winter) they will need extra warmth, so place a hot water bottle under the towel. If you don’t have a hot water bottle, use a normal plastic bottle with warm water instead, making sure it is firmly sealed.

What can I feed a hedgehog?

The best thing to feed a hedgehog is non-fish based cat or dog food and plain water. Unsalted peanuts, sultanas and sunflower seed hearts are also fine. You should NEVER feed a hedgehog cow’s milk as they are lactose intolerant and it can make them very ill.

Can I rehome one of your hedgehogs as a pet?

We don’t allow any of our hedgehogs to be kept as pets. They are wild animals with very specific needs and should never be kept in a domestic environment.

Do you help other kinds of wildlife?

Whilst we love all wildlife, our expertise lies in rescuing and rehabilitating hedgehogs. However, if you have found an injured animal, please call us on 07504 774537 as we may be able to put you in touch with another sanctuary that can help.