Meet Nicola and Harry. Nicola (1st photo) was taken into our own vets – Toachim House Veterinary Surgery in Faversham, who are just brilliant with all our hedgehogs; we named Nicola after the wonderful nurse who treated her and although hedgehog Nicola had eye and leg injuries she is now almost recovered (the leg injury was found to be an old injury which has resulted in a fused leg, but this does not stop her ‘nipping’ about any!)

In the 2nd photo is Harry, found out during the day wandering about by a great lady in Whistable. Poor little Harry only just has his milk teeth and weighs 200g (far too small to survive on his own), Harry has now been hand fed and he was so tired he fell asleep before we could finish his feed. He is now tucked up fast asleep in his blankets.Nichola

harry 5.9

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