June – A hot and busy month

Spike’s had a very slow start with just the odd casualty but this was soon to change as the month progressed –Simon 13 May 2our first strimmer injury of the year was Simon, seen here recovering from his injuries. Sadly, Simon was left blind and is now at a local Wildlife Conservation Trust.




Baby strimmer 25 JuneAnother strimmer injury, this time a baby just 4 weeks old. His back was badly injured and at 4 weeks old he could not feed himself and he was too weak to do so even if he could. Buster has made remarkable progress and once old enough will be released back to the wild.





VictorWe also had other wildlife come into Spike’s, a sparrow, 3 chaffinches and this dear little chap- Victor the baby Vole. Victor has already been returned to the wild.



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